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Solar Powered Dog Robot

Solar Powered Dog Robot

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🌟 Introducing Fido 2.0: A STEM Marvel That Sparks Curiosity and Fun! 🚀🔧

1️⃣ Unlock the World of Mechanics: Fido 2.0 offers an exciting assembly experience, igniting kids' curiosity as they delve into the captivating world of roller mechanics and transmission principles. Watch as their hands-on abilities soar, and their understanding of mechanics takes flight! 🛠️🔍

2️⃣ Empowering Education with Cutting-Edge Tech: Equipped with a built-in 3.3 million uF super capacitor, Fido 2.0 is a powerhouse of power storage! With two driving modes - solar and dry battery, children can explore electrical energy conversion and storage effortlessly, day and night. Let them embark on a learning adventure like never before! 💡🔋

3️⃣ Harness the Sun's Power: Fido 2.0 is equipped with solar panels, making it a battery-free wonder! Cultivate a love for eco-friendly practices as kids discover the fascinating world of photoelectric conversion. With solar-powered drives, they'll make a positive impact on the environment while having endless playtime fun! ☀️🌱

📐 Product Information: Specification: 22.8 * 3.9 * 19.5 Material: ABS Can DIY: Yes Packing: Color box Ability Training: Hands-on and Cognitive Skills Science and Education Toy Type: Physics 🌐📚

📦 Packing List: Fido 2.0 Plastic Toy *1

🌠 Ignite a Spark of Wonder and Knowledge with Fido 2.0! Get ready for hands-on learning, exciting discoveries, and eco-conscious adventures! 🚀🔬 #Fido2Point0 #STEMWonder #SolarPowerPlay #HandsOnLearning #EcoFriendlyFun



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